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Ramsey Coote Bedmat Alarm

$160.00 (Price is for the initial minimum hire period of 4 weeks)

Find out how Bedwetting Alarms work

The Ramsey Coote bell and pad alarm is a premium system offering excellent results in the treatment of bedwetting. It is the alarm system of choice recommended by many paediatricians, urologists, GP’s and other health care professionals across New Zealand and Australia. It is widely used in the public health services and provides a robust, reliable and high quality system.

The bell (alarm unit) and pad (bed mat) system was first devised by Ramsey Coote in 1956 and they have continued to improve it through ongoing clinical research since. Some of the features which help the alarm system to stand out in this field are:

1. Class 1 medical device classification (Australian Standard 2394)
2. Safe, non-invasive and very high success rates
3. Loud, high frequency cast iron bell to wake even the deepest sleepers
4. Robust pad / mat featuring embedded nichrome wire braiding means false alarms due to sweating are minimised
5. LED light source adds extra sensory stimulation and lights the on / off switch making it easy to find in the dark
6. Long battery life – the alarm unit only needs charging once per week.

Please note: the initial hire fee of $160.00 is for the first 4 week period. Subsequent hire is $30.00 per week.

We usually have a small waiting list or no waiting list at all. If you wish to hire an alarm please contact us on 09 413 9202 or


Drylife Bedpad with Tuck-in Flaps

Unlike bedpads containing cotton, the high-tech fabric of the top layers rapidly moves and traps wetness away from your child’s body. This keeps them as warm and comfortable as possible and minimises night disturbances – for both of you.

DryLife® Absorbent Bed Pads Are:

  • Super-absorbent | High-tech fabric absorbs up to 2.5 litres over 8 hours – less changes in the night
  • Comfortable | Super soft mircofibre upper, suitable for sensitive skin
  • TENCEL® Core| New age Botanic plant based fibre, naturally antibacterial
  • Quick-drying | Wetness is drawn rapidly away to minimise discomfort
  • Easy to Use | Pads sits on top of sheet – no need to wash other bedding
  • Waterproof | Lightweight polyurethane backing fully protects mattress
  • Hardwearing | Resilient to frequent machine washing and drying
  • 1 Size | 1m x 1m with 50cm tuck in flaps, fits Single and King Single Beds

It pays to use a Drylife® Bed Pad on its own or in conjunction with our bedwetting alarms. Either way it’s important to keep your child and their bedding as dry and hygienic as possible as you move through the transition to dry nights.

DryLife® Bed Pads are super-absorbent, waterproof fabric squares that sit on top of the bottom sheet. Your child sleeps directly on the soft pad and if they wet it, you can just whip it off and wash it without having to strip the whole bed.

Available in:
White | Beige | Green

Enutrain Briefs

The Enutrain briefs for boys and girls are white cotton briefs with a small internal cotton pouch designed to hold the Enutrain gold plated wetness sensor securely in place.
Gender Boys, Girls
Sizes 5-7-years – 116cm | 7-9-years – 128cm | 9-10-years – 140cm | 11-years – 152cm
Available in: