Hire Terms & Conditions

1. The equipment carries a minimum hire period of four weeks. The Hirer shall not be entitled to a refund or reduced hire charge if the Hirer chooses to return the equipment before the end of this period.

2. The Automatic Payment Authority must be completed, signed and returned with this Contract for hire and initial payment. Weekly payments of $20.00 will start after four weeks of hire, calculated by BWS from the estimated date you will receive your alarm. On return of the alarm you need to cancel this with your bank (by phone or internet). If a weekly automatic payment is not set up then four weekly advance payments of $80 will be taken from the nominated credit card.

3. As the equipment is valuable there is a $300.00 bond held over the period of hire. The Bond is held as Visa or MasterCard details. Note: No money is taken off your credit card unless conditions are not met These conditions are: the return of the alarm unit (including any accessories, packaging boxes and bags, etc) in good condition and payment of outstanding fees. The expiry date of the Visa or MasterCard must be greater than six months from the date of hire. If your credit card expires during the hire period you must inform Bedwetting Solutions of your new card details immediately.

4. Bedwetting Solutions will assist with any alarm related problem. In the event of equipment problems, Bedwetting Solutions will supply a replacement alarm upon receipt of the current alarm. If fault is located with the user, cost of postage and repair will be the responsibility of the user. Please report any problems immediately. It is assumed that unless a fault or problem is reported to us then all equipment is in good working order and no credit for hire fees will be given.

5. Bedwetting Solutions reserves the right to discontinue hire of the alarm at our discretion if circumstances dictate this, such as excessive length of hire or non payment of hire fees.


The Hirer shall satisfy himself that the Equipment supplied by the Owner corresponds to that requested on the Contract For Hire and is in working order. Any part of the Equipment found to be faulty, or not found to correspond with the Contract For Hire, shall be notified to the Owners within one working day of receipt of the Equipment. Failure to do so will render the Hirer responsible for the payment of the Rental Fee up to the time of notification.

The Owners reserve the right to substitute the Equipment proposed for the Rental with alternative equipment of an equal or higher specification (which, for the purposes of interpreting the Contract, shall become the Equipment). On termination of the Contract the Hirer may not substitute any Equipment delivered by the Owner.

The Hirer acknowledge that by signing the Contract he will follow the instructions for the safe operation of the Equipment and the Hirer undertakes to ensure no one else uses the Equipment who is not properly instructed and shall not allow the Equipment to be misused in any way other than in accordance with the instructions of the Owner.

The location of the Equipment, during the Rental, should remain at the delivery address and should only be relocated upon the written consent of the Owner. The hirer shall not sublet the equipment to any other person. The equipment is and shall remain the sole property of the Owner and the Hirer shall not sell offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, lend or otherwise deal with or part with possession of the equipment.

The Equipment shall not be altered modified or adjusted defaced or repaired by the Hirer. Doing so will liable the Hirer to the full replacement cost of the Equipment.

The Hirer shall at his own expense keep the Equipment in a clean and good condition and not subject it to any misuse or wear and tear over that consistent with normal and reasonable use, maintaining where applicable the manufacturers’ recommendations. The Hirer undertakes not to remove or interfere with any identification marks affixed to the Equipment, or to deface or add to the Equipment.

The Hirer agrees to pay all costs incurred by the Owner in rectifying any damage or cleaning of the Equipment. Hire charges will continue until such rectification is complete.  The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment from the time the Hirer takes possession of the equipment until it is returned to the Owner’s possession. The Hirer shall notify the Owner in writing immediately if the equipment is lost or damaged and shall follow all reasonable instructions of the Owner.
In the case of damage to the equipment, however caused, the Hirer shall be responsible for and shall indemnify the Owner for the full cost of all repairs to restore the equipment to the condition it was in at the time of hire.
In the case of loss of or irreparable damage to the equipment however caused, the Hirer shall be responsible for and shall indemnify the Owner for the full cost to the Owner of replacing the equipment. The cost of the replacement shall be no less than the management book value of the equipment.

The Owner may terminate the Rental if the Hirer is in breach of the Contract, or is in default of any payment due, or in the Owner’s sole
opinion may become in breach or default during the period of Rental. The Owner shall be entitled at any time and for any reason what so ever without explanation terminate this Contract by giving the Hirer 7 days notice in writing.

The Hirer expressly acknowledges that the Owners are not the original manufacturer or supplier of the Equipment, and that the equipment has been selected by the Hirer as suitable for its purpose.

The equipment does not purport to be new stock or equal to new, but when sent out all items are understood to be in good condition and fit for normal use.

The Owner makes no warranty or representations as to the state, quality or fitness of the equipment for any purpose and no such warranty shall be implied by the description of the equipment on the face of this form.