About us


Bedwetting Solutions is run by Clare and Andrew Ward. Clare has been a registered nurse for over 20 years, has a background in paediatric public health nursing and has also practiced as a midwife. She has been helping children with bedwetting and other continence issues for many years. Clare works closely with Public Health Nurses, GP’s and other professionals across the country in the field of child continence and is a member of the New Zealand Continence Association.

Rex Browne, an Auckland GP and Kristina Dickens, an Enuresis Counsellor and nurse founded the company in April 1999. Both were on the committee to develop the New Zealand Best Practice Evidence Based Guideline on Nocturnal Enuresis (2005). Rex has spent most of his career in general medical practice. He has a special interest in children’s health and nocturnal enuresis in particular. Both Rex and Kristina maintain strong links with Bedwetting Solutions.