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Restore your child’s
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Welcome to Bedwetting Solutions NZ, specialising in providing the most effective, long-term cure for Childhood Nocturnal Enuresis, or what’s commonly known as Bedwetting.

We provide a service offering assistance to families looking to resolve bedwetting in children aged six years and above.

Bed wetting is a common condition affecting 1 in 8 primary school aged children. Left untreated many will grow out of the condition but for the remainder, it can be highly restrictive; lasting even into the teenage years. A child unable to commit to sleepovers, school trips, or cub/brownie camps because of potential embarrassment can start to feel isolated and lacking in self-confidence.

By utilising Ramsey Coote Bedwetting Alarms – one of the most well designed, robust, and proven devices available – we can, in the vast majority of cases, help your child achieve the dry nights that they and you are longing for.

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Recommended by medical professionals.


We found the nurse very friendly and helpful. We really needed her reassurance to continue at week 3 when no one in the house had been getting much sleep, but breakthrough came 2 weeks later. Thank you.

M.S., Auckland

Late childhood nighttime incontinence is clearly more common than I had realised. As the kids get older, they get more frustrated and their parents more exhausted. The BWS team have been incredibly sensitive and constructive helping us work through our issues. I deal with dozens of businesses every week – BWS must be one of the most client-sensitive organisations I have ever come across. Lovely people, great service. Great results.

J.H., Wellington

I can’t thank you enough for your support and wonderful service. Our child being dry at night has made an enormous difference to our family and his sense of self. I rang BWS to ask random questions and they were wonderful. Really helpful, really kind, really reassuring. One thing that we also found useful was giving our son a special drink bottle to take to school and he needed to finish it by the time he got home.

Thank you for talking to me on the phone – the information you talked to me about the brain / bladder message was really helpful in learning why it would work and trusting the process

R.S., Riverhead

Thank you for your terrific service – the alarm was a remarkable success.

C.G., Orakei

Although the district nurse was wonderful, we were put on the waiting list which would have meant a wait of nearly 12 months before loan of the bedmat alarm. My daughter is 12½ years old and only now has been cured of her bedwetting. I only wish I had known of your company earlier so that we could have got her on the programme sooner. The cost of hire is minimal compared to the cost of everything associated with bedwetting, including the stress it causes – to the child and parent.

D.J., Sandringham

The alarm was awesome! M. was only dry about one or two nights a month. He is completely cured now, and it is great not having to change bedding every day. We had tried a small alarm from the hospital previously but this was not loud enough to wake him. It was also more difficult to use as it velcroed to his PJs. The bed mat alarm was simple to use and loud enough to wake him! The wet patch on the bed gradually got smaller until he was waking before wetting. This took approx 12 weeks in total. M. is much happier and is not worried about staying overnight at friends’ houses. I would definitely recommend this alarm to anyone with a child who is bed wetting.

S.P., New Plymouth

I’m pleased to let you know that we have had a completely successful outcome from the ‘knicker alarm’ system that you provided. Thanks for making our lives, especially our daughter’s, so much better!!!

M.P., Auckland

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and encouragement both on the phone and through email. Whenever I have phoned you have been so kind, supportive and have always taken the time to explain everything in such detail. I have never felt I was bothering you. You have been been a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you also for the certificate, it was lovely and my daughter was super excited!!

N.M., Pakuranga

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